Vitamin E Oil for face & Its Benefits

By | August 17, 2012

vitamin e oil for face

Vitamin E Oil Uses are many. While everyone can benefit from applying vitamin E on their faces; teens and younger woman can benefit exceptionally well because it can help them slow down the aging process. Older women can benefit, but if they haven’t utilized tactics to keep their skin youthful from early in life, they will still have signs of aging that can’t be reversed without extreme measures. However, young women can benefit by the use of vitamin E oil for face because it is a known antioxidant that can prevent cellular damage and dryness of the skin.

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants around; but, the human body cannot produce it. So unlike many beauty products, using vitamin E doesn’t replenish what your body used to have but instead protects and repairs damage that has occurred. There are many natural sources of vitamin E available through foods such as avocados, vegetable oil, and nuts; however to truly benefit from it on your face and neck area the best way to do it is to apply it directly.

Every day your skin is subject to free radicals that damage your skin. These free radicals damage the collagen and dry out your skin cells; this, in return, causes wrinkles. If you start a proper skin care routine early in life you can actually limit the amount of damage that occurs daily by collagen damage simply by placing vitamin E on your neck and face (and even all of your skin) area. Doing this not only helps to repair already damaged skin but helps to prevent more damage; so you can see why applying it before damage has occurred can help you maintain a youthful look much longer. Needless to say, starting this daily routine is obviously more beneficial if you start in your younger years than if you were to start, say in your 40’s. While vitamin E will help repair and protect from damage at 40, there is inevitably damage already done that can’t be undone. As a youthful face has little to minimal damage to it as of yet, applying vitamin E when you’re young can help keep you from getting wrinkled and dry skin as you age.

There have been some studies that have shown vitamin E to actually help with sun damage also. It can help minimalize the damage you do to your skin if you are exposed to the sun and today’s youth seems obsessed with tanning. Like it or not tanning is simply damaging your skin cells and damaging your skin cells leads to premature aging. While vitamin E is not a free pass to baking in the sun or hitting the tanning booth an extra few times a week, it can help to minimize the damage you’re doing. However, it is still highly recommended that you do not tan. If you could see what your face will look like after even 10-15 years of tanning you would most probably realize that you don’t’ want to look like you have a leather canvas for a face and neck; and, hopefully, stop the damage now. If you must tan then at least take the time to use vitamin E to subdue some of the damage you are doing.

vitamin e oil benefits

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and certain nuts can help you obtain proper vitamin E levels; but the truth is that it is rare that we normally eat a well balanced diet every day of our lives. The best way to keep your face, neck, and skin as youthful looking as they are today is to apply the vitamin E directly to the skin. It’s never too late to start using vitamin E because it does have the ability to help repair damaged cells. However starting a vitamin E oil for face as routine early will help you stay younger looking even longer.

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