Vitamin E Oil for Hair Benefits

By | August 30, 2012

vitamin e oil for hair

There are numerous benefits of  vitamin E oil for hair other than preventing split-end and dandruff issues. Vitamin E oil for natural hair can help you in preventing hair loss as it functions in enhancing quick hair growth. Perhaps, the greatest benefit of using vitamin E oil for hair treatment is the fact that it is organic. This in turn makes it more superior to synthetic hair products accessible in the markets which hardly give desired results.

In addition to promoting quick hair growth, vitamin E oil for hair treatment also enhances blood circulation in the scalp. Dry hair and scalp are often blamed on poor scalp circulation. But this can be prevented by using vitamin E oil for hair growth. To find out more about the immense benefits of vitamin E oil for hair, keep reading to the very end.

Benefit #1: Improved Scalp Circulation

As pointed out earlier, one of the benefits that you stand to gain by using vitamin E oil for hair treatment is increased scalp circulation. This is extremely essential in enhancing healthy hair development. On top of increasing circulation in the scalp, using vitamin E oil as the preferred hair treatment option also strengthens the immune system. Other hidden benefits of using vitamin E oil for hair development include:

–   Minimizing the aging process. Besides making you have a youthful appearance, slowing down the aging process also slows down the graying of the hair. Furthermore, you are less likely to suffer from premature graying of the hair. The potent antioxidants are also useful in preventing cells as well as tissues from corrosion. Oxidation of the tissues has also been blamed for premature graying of the hair. But this can be prevented by using vitamin E oil.

–   Preventing damages caused by sun burn. Spending prolonged periods of time under the sun can cause damages to your skin. However, using vitamin E oil can safeguard your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

#2: Repair Split-Ends

Vitamin E capsules for hair are also essentials in repairing split-eds. To repair split-ends, follow the instructions given below:

–   Pour a few drops of vitamin E oil into your palms and massage into your scalp. This should be done in the evening when preparing for your regular bath.

Then again, if you have an excessively curled hair, vitamin E oil can be applied on the hair prior to blow drying your hair. For excessively curled hair, leave the vitamin E oil overnight before washing off with warm water. Leaving vitamin E oil overnight also helps in allowing the oil to penetrate deep into the scalp as well as hair follicles.  Use the vitamin E oil as a conditioner once you are through with shampooing your hair.

For effective results, blend vitamin E oil for hair treatment with a number of other essential oils such as olive, hemp, jojoba and coconut. The mixture can then be applied to dry and dull hair. The blend is useful in enhancing circulation of blood in the scalp. The blend is also useful when it comes to hair treatment as it provides the scalp with the nutrition it requires.

benefits of vitamin e oil for hair

Vitamin E Supplements

While vitamin E oil is usually applied topically, it can also be administered as supplement. Unfortunately, taking vitamin E supplement enhances oxygen uptake in the body. This in turn can trigger thinning of the blood plus clotting issues. Therefore, if you are thinking of using vitamin E supplements for hair treatment rather than oil, start gradually. This will allow you to detect any side effect caused by taking the supplement. If there are not problems, then you can increase your dosage. Vitamin E supplements can be taken alongside your daily meals.

Vitamin E can also be derived from the various types of foods that we eat. Examples of foods rich in vitamin E are vegetables (i.e. spinach), eggs, nuts, wheat germ and seeds. Almonds are the best nuts to take as they are rich in vitamin E.

Therefore, if you have been using synthetic hair products but can’t seem to get the desired results, consider the immense benefits of vitamin E oil for hair outlined above and start using the treatment on your hair.

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