Vitamin E uses in breast pain

By | September 23, 2012

vitamin e oil uses

A clinical study on Vitamin E uses in breast pain (cyclical mastalgia) at Mayo Clinic reveals the significant results of using Vitamin E in treating this pain.

Cyclical mastalgia is a premenstrual breast pain and tenderness associated with swelling with regular occurrence in menstrual cycle and have resolution symptoms during mensuration.  It is reported that an estimated 70% of premenopausal women are affected by breast pain. For most of the women it is successfully controlled by  support bra and medication.  Under severe pain use of other drugs which have long term and short term adverse effects.

Herbal and dietary supplements are sought for alternative therapies for women with moderate  to severe breast pain.  Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil(EPO) are commonly used dietary supplements for management of cyclical mastalgia.

Vitamin E is most commonly used in managing cyclical mastalgia where its mechanism of action is its role as an antioxidant. Many researchers suggests that it protects the tissue against the harmful effects of free radicals generated during metabolic processes. EPO is an essential fatty acid used by many women to reduce cyclical mastalgia. Its mechanism of action is its involvement in inhibition of prostaglandins that contribute to breast pain.

Investigators studied the effects of Vitamin E and EPO alone and also in combination in managing the breast pain as clinical study. They studied with different dosages of Vitamin E and EPO and both in combination and out come measured.

The said research concludes saying for pre menopausal women with severe cyclical mastalgia can have a short duration trial of Vitamin E at 1,200 IU, EPO at a daily dose of 3,000 mg or the combination of both at the same dose may help. This study shows  the potential benefits of complementary and alternative therapies to escape out of adverse effects of drugs.

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